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I've been a livejournal user for a DECADE. That's a lot of time. The idea of wholesale moving somewhere else is pretty depressing. But I am pretty concerned about the future of the company given the way things have been going over the last couple of years. Let's not mythologise the past: livejournal were ALWAYS kind of hamfisted about things. They never really got over being a group started up by enthusiastic amateurs, and their business model was always sloppy. Then they got bought up by a big company and sold to another. But that doesn't seem to have improved service. Instead the clumsiness now has a veneer of Big Business Disinterest. Classy.

Well, we shall see. I hope today's downtime isn't a return to April's epic DDoS attack lack of service!

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Date: 2011-07-28 02:39 pm (UTC)
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I don't easily threaten to take my toys and go play somewhere else, but this time I'm so fed up... especially of their poor communication... I'm seriously considering moving here for good. Thing is I'm not sure other people will do it and I don't really fancy being on my own here, but... I'm still seriously thinking of it (and it doesn't make me a happy bunny).


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