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As even the BBC is unable to get inside Iran, I looked to Twitter instead, where brave and ordinary people in Iran are microblogging about their lives - when they can get through blocks put up by the Iranian government. Here are some examples; I think they stand without need for comment.

Mousavi supporters are having "Calmness will beat the bullets" placards and standing near TV/Radio station's mosque. #IranElection

my fellow student is telling me of the horrible things Gov officers did to them when they were under arrest. & I'm crying#gr88

Iranian Army, Basiji, Foreign forces blockading Tehran University, Protesters. Travel in groups, take side streets.

Do not dig out shrapnel in wounds,doing so can hurt it more. نه از گلوله انفجاری در چاه زخم, می تواند کار را هر چه سریعتر حکومت آسيب ببيند.

Gmail and Yahoo messenger is filtered too. They are blocking all the communication means. #iranelection

People have been receiving random automated calls of “You have participated in the protests" to scare them. #IranElection

we have info that tehran uni will be attacked tonight - have contact inside - says uni blocked #Iranelection

confirmed by farsi twitters: around 2000 basiji is now standing in front of dorms.

Masood just called (he's OK), his laptop is destroyed & unfortunately gov intelligent found and arrest Reza at shariati Hospital.

gas eye solution 1/2liquid antacid like Maalox 1/2 water Always irrigate from the inside corner of the eye towards the outside #iranelection


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